We offer a professional supply and installation service of a selected range of Front only or Front & Rear Parking Sensor Systems based on your specific requirements and budget.

Parking sensors can save you a lot of money from damage to your car or worse still – somebody else’s. They monitor the distance surrounding your vehicle and warn you when you are too near an obstacle.

We stock and install the following:

Steelmate PTS400EX (DP)

The Steelmate PTS400EX (DP) is a premium 4 sensor front or rear upgradeable parking sensor kit with push fit sensors and OEM sounding speaker. The system can be programmed to ignore tow bars, nudge bars or spare wheels. The PTS400EX (DP) is compatible with our DS1 & DS2 visual displays and can be used as a 2 sensor front or rear system if required. The sensor hole size is 19mm in diameter. The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 22.9mm with a depth of 20.1mm and they have detachable cables and the option to change sensor head angle between 4 and 10 degrees with a removable angled clip-on ring which is included in the kit.

If you wish to install this kit on the front of a vehicle, a set of 2.3m sensor extension cables or 4.5m cables must be purchased.

Main Features:

  • 58K sensors for better coverage and excellent stability
  • 5-stage audible warning buzzer with adjustable tone pitch and volume
  • Option of adding a visual display
  • Extendable stopping distance from 30cm to 50cm, ideal for vehicles with tow bars or rear mounted spare wheels and steps
  • A simple jumper change when installing allows you to select a front or rear system
  • Heavy rain proof design
  • All weather design (-40°C>+80°C)
  • Anti-false alarm patent
  • Easy installation

Lasterline EPS8019GPS

  • Dedicated eight sensor front and rear system, can be installed from the front or OE flush fit style from the rear of the bumper.
  • No requirement to run cables inside the vehicle from the under-bonnet area or from front to rear.
  • Unique GPS speed pulse control with the module built into the control unit.
  • Turns the front sensors off automatically when the vehicle reaches 10mph, switches the sensors back on below 10mph.
  • Four digital front sensors and four digital rear sensors.
  • Different tones for front and rear detection.
  • Factory style sensors that can be colour coded to the vehicle.

We offer a sensor colour coding service which enables the sensors to be sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle for an additional cost.

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