Braking is an essential part of any vehicle safety and should be focussed on without compromise. At Apex Automotive Centre we only supply and fit quality or performance friction materials meeting or exceeding manufacturer requirements.

What you need to know

Brake discs and pads are wear items and they have a specific life span, most modern vehicle are equipped with brake wear sensors and a warning light will illuminate once the minimum levels are reached – this also indicates immediate replacement required. Brake drums and shoes work on the same principal and are critical to when the parking brake is applied, they are also prone to water ingress that affects performance and safety.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is hydroscopic, this means it attracts moisture and requires regular replacement, most manufacturers recommend that it be changed every 24 months. This is safety critical and we only use approved fluids when we change brake fluid as part of our major service program. Alternatively, a brake fluid change can be carried out at the time of replacing brake discs and pads.

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